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St Kitts is most certainly the Yin to Nevis’s Yang. Although its peaceful little brother sits just across the Narrows strait, this one beats to a much more lively tune. Its sands have an air of St Tropez about them, with designer-clad bodies strutting between the cocktail joints and the swish villas that stud the jungled shores. The hubbub of Basseterre is hard to beat. A popular hot spot with cruisers during the dry months, flitting between the duty-free shopping strips, the roaring cricket stands and the lobster-cracking seafood eateries along Bay Road. Days are usually spent topping up the tan on photogenic beaches like South Friar’s, backed by walls of green-clad hills, and Turtle Beach, where zebra fish and brain corals lurk in the surrounding reefs – have the snorkel at the ready. Or, they can be taken with bouts of golfing in the championship courses, wandering UNESCO-tagged forts, boating around the hidden coves, or diving in the world-renowned scuba sites that abound.

Things you need to know about flights to St Kitts

Flights from the UK will land at Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport in Basseterre, there will be a quick touchdown Antigua, but just to let people off– you don’t need to get off the plane so it’s pretty quick.   Flights to St Kitts will take approximately 9 hours and 50 minutes including the pitstop in Antigua.

Taxi transfers are also available from right outside arrivals, but be sure to agree a price beforehand and check whether the fare will be charged in USD or East Caribbean dollars. Visa wise, UK citizens won’t need to apply for anything beforehand. It’s just important to have at least six months left on the validity of your travel document.



When to go to St Kitts

Like much of the rest of the Caribbean, St Kitts offers prime stomping ground for winter sun. Its driest and most popular season runs from the end of November to March, when temperatures stay steady in the high 20s and 30s, there is usually a lovely light wind coming across the Atlantic and rain is at a minimum. If you are looking to save a bit of money or want the place to yourself May and June is also a great option.  There is a small chance of rain showers during this time. Flights to St Kitts are still available during hurricane season which runs from August to October but it can be rainy so not really the best time to holiday.


How to get a cheap flight to St Kitts

If you travel between April and June you can usually get much cheaper flights to St Kitts, the hotel prices drop too. Alternatively, there’s often scope to bag a bargain St Kitts flight, low-cost hotels and car hire by bundling the lot together in a single SN Travel package. What’s more, booking early can keep ticket premiums down so can mid-week departures.


3 Things not to miss in St Kitts

  • Brimstone Hill Fortress – A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a national park that’s considered to represent some of the best-preserved historic fortifications in the region. It dates to the late 1600s and was once thought of as the unconquerable citadel of the Caribbean.
  • Scenic Railway – Hop on the St. Kitts Scenic Railway to travel past a montage of old sugarcane plantations, verdant mountains and rugged coastline where the waves crash and bash the rocks.
  • Climb a volcano – Mount Liamuiga is a dormant volcano and its peak is the highest pint on the island. Hike through lush green cloud forest, see the crater and get amazing views.




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