3 Nov

Avoid Possible Post Brexit Price Increases and Book Your Holiday Now!

It’s All About Timing!

There’s no denying that we’ve all been pretty concerned about the effect of Brexit on our much needed holidays and it remains to be seen just how much the cost of our holidays will rise. All of the predictions point towards significant price increases in the future should the value of the pound continue to fall as confidence in the British economy flounders even further.
Caribbean tourism in particular relies heavily on the British market with over 1.1 million of the 28.7 million arrivals to the area last year being British tourists. The decline in the pound equals less spending power for us Brits, meaning that we have less money for holidays in the first place and even less to spend if we do manage to get away. Hugh Riley, secretary general of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) is optimistic though and suggests that accommodation rates will have to decrease to counteract the problem whilst airlines will also need to adjust their prices and routes. This all remains to be seen however. It may be that all-inclusive holidays take over as Brits try to exchange as little sterling as possible.
In the short term there is a small ray of sunshine. Price rises will not be noticed immediately due to the fact that airlines and tour operators guarantee their exchange rates that they have to pay well in advance to cover any possible negative fluctuations. Although this is sometimes rather risky, it has worked out rather well with regard to the Brexit situation, meaning that many holidays for winter 2016 and even summer 2017 were priced before the Brexit vote and therefore have not been affected. The same applies to aviation fuel, meaning that many flight prices will not see the effect of Brexit for a few more months to come.
It therefore seems pretty obvious that in order for us to be soaking up the sunshine this winter and even next summer at a decent price, we should be booking our much loved holidays now to take advantage of this rather covenient situation. Of course, here at SN Travel we strive hard to guarantee the lowest prices when it comes to your holiday or flight and we will continue to do so long after Brexit has been put in place. But there is no denying the fact that booking your holiday sooner rather than later is certainly going to save you money in the long run as far as the Brexit effect is concerned.