How to Get Cheap Flights to the Caribbean

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4 Jul

How to Get Cheap Flights to the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a dream destination for many people; pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife, delicious local cuisine and friendly people – Caribbean holidays definitely tick all the boxes!  It is the ultimate getaway for anyone looking to relax and enjoy lots of unique experiences.  Get the best deal on Caribbean flights with these top tips….

Fly mid-week

One of the easiest techniques for reducing the cost of your Caribbean flights is choosing the right day to fly.  Prices for flights to the Caribbean tend to be the highest between Friday and Monday — because this is when the majority people prefer to fly.  In most cases, the cheapest day to travel to the Caribbean is a Tuesday and the cheapest day to return is a Wednesday.  Flying mid-week almost means you do a full working week so you can ease back into work with a weekend on the horizon sooner!

Go at the start of the off-season

The Caribbean is a popular holiday destination all year round.  However, its busiest period is between December and April of each year.  During this time, the cost of flights can increase, which can make traveling to the Caribbean much more expensive.  You can cut costs, often quite dramatically, by traveling in the off-season, which is between May and November.  The months of May and June are a particularly good time to travel to the Caribbean because the weather is great, there are less crowds and it’s still far away from possible hurricanes (which usually are at their strongest in September).  Caribbean hotel costs also drop dramatically during this time!

Sign up for travel deals

Sign up to a specialist Caribbean travel agent so you get to hear about Caribbean flight sales first.  Often Caribbean specialist travel agents bulk buy seats so they can offer you lower prices when other companies hike their prices up.

Buy a package deal

Flight costs can be reduced if you book a hotel with a flight.  The amount you can save varies by destination but there is a substantial saving.  Ask your travel agent to see how much you can save for your chosen destination.  You don’t have to book a hotel for the whole of your trip, you could just treat yourself to something nice at the start or end of your holiday.

Book early or late

Flights go on sale 12 months before departure, if you book early you can save quite a lot of money.  If you wait demand goes up and airlines  therefore increase the prices.  Caribbean flights can sell out during key travel times but if there are any seats left you can sometimes get a good deal on last minute travel.  By last minute we mean last minute – about 3 weeks before departure, which for many isn’t possible as most of us have to give notice at work but if you don’t suffer with this issue then there are some pretty amazing last minute flight deals to be had – however, don’t bank on it as it will all come down to availability.

Look for the cheapest Caribbean destinations

Some Caribbean islands cost more to fly to than others – Anguilla for example is rarely below £1000 but Grenada, Tobago and Barbados are often under £500.  You can get an idea of the cheapest Caribbean flights in this table.

Monitor the average cost of a flight to the Caribbean

The best way to ensure you are getting a good deal is by understanding what a flight to the Caribbean normally costs.  Keep an eye on the average price for Caribbean flights from your destination.  This will help you spot a bargain and jump on it!

Get a new credit card with free miles

If you need to get a new credit card, consider purchasing one that give you free frequent flyer miles when you first sign up.  It is an easy way to potentially save a lot of money on your flights to the Caribbean.

Book with a travel agency that specialises in Caribbean travel

Using a travel agency that specialises in Caribbean holidays is very useful when planning a Caribbean holiday on a budget.  A specialised Caribbean travel agent will:

  • Know the cheapest time of year to take a holiday to the Caribbean (while still getting to experience great weather)
  • Be able to tell you which airlines offer the cheapest deals for Caribbean flights
  • Help you find savings in other areas like accommodation or transfers
  • Know which day of the week has the cheapest flights to the Caribbean from your departure point
  • Share all kinds of interesting information about holidaying in the Caribbean, including some tips that can help you save a lot of money
  • Be able to choose the cheapest routes and connecting flights between different Caribbean locations.


Pay in Instalments

Although this doesn’t save you money it certainly helps lighten the load.  You can book your Caribbean flight with a low deposit and pay the balance in instalments.  Flights are available 12 months before departure so theoretically you can pay less than £50 per month for your Caribbean flight if you spread the cost!

Find a cheap Caribbean flight now or speak to us on 0207 254 0136 to see what we can do for you!


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