The Most Instagramable Beach Holidays For Your Bucket List

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Zante beach holiday in Greece
16 Apr

The Most Instagramable Beach Holidays For Your Bucket List

Dreaming of lazing on an incredible beach, with a cocktail in hand?  Aren’t we all! Look no further as we have travelled far and wide to find the best beaches for your next holiday (it’s a tough job, lol!)  From Europe to exotic far away places, these are THE best beaches and they are all incredibly unique…

Flamingo Beach, Aruba

This private beach is owned by Renaissance hotel and you need to get one of their speed boats to take you there but anyone can visit (for a fee) but it’s well worth it as wild, incredibly pink flamingoes roam the beach looking for food and will eat out of the palm of your hand.  From what we have seen, the flamingoes are very relaxed and happy.

Diani Beach, Kwale County, Kenya

Enjoy 11 miles of perfect white sandy beach and the calm warm water of the India Ocean. Diani Beach is famous for being the softest in the world and has playful (and sometimes naughty) black and white monkeys.  Whale sharks also frequent the area so you can arrange a snorkelling or diving trip with them (that’s definitely one for the bucket list!)  Snorkelling around this beach is also pretty good as there is coral reef – make sure you are a responsible tourist and don’t touch the reef with hand or flippers as it will die.

Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos (Zante), Greece

Accessible by boat only, this beach with soft sands and clear waters is surrounded by high golden cliffs. Its name comes from the shipwreck of Freightliner MV Panagiotis, which sits on the beach and adds to the romance of the place.

Honokalani Beach, Wai’anapanapa State Park, Maui, Hawaii

This beach made from lava is unspoiled nature at its best. The black sand and the blue waters are perfect for a sunbathing session, but you can also explore the lava tubes and the caves which line the shores of Honokalani beach.

Perhentian Island (Big Island), Malaysia

Its no wonder this beach is often in the top 10 best beaches lists as it has squeaky powder white sands and clear blue water.  This small bay is squeezed in between lush green cliffs and has giant boulders at one end.  You can take a boat to go out and snorkel with reef sharks (they don’t eat people, even if you are heavily bleeding, we tried that!)  Take a short walk through the forest to get to Coral Beach, which is made up of coral (surprise, surprise) to watch the sunset.
Komodo National Park Pink Beach

Pink Beach, Komodo, Indonesia

This photo is blatantly enough to make pretty much anyone want to book a holiday here – who doesn’t want to see a pink sand beach?!  The blend between the pink sand and the turquoise-blue water is absolutely stunning so don’t forget your camera. Snorkelling here is incredible as its very unspoilt!  Travelling to Komodo requires a bit of determination as its not the easiest place to get to.

Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland

Iceland might not be your first holiday destination, but this black sand beach positioned between cliffs and caves is definitely a must see, although you might want to give the sunbathing a miss on this beach!  Reynisfjara Beach has incredible rectangular rock formations, powerful waves and makes you feel like you are in some kind of Lord Of The Rings movie.

Hidden Beach, El Nido, Philippines

The lush green topped limestone cliffs tower over the landscape while hammocks under palm trees offer respite from the hot sun.  With a gentle breeze, gorgeous white sand and lush greenery that line this beach boasts intimacy and romance.  If paradise was a place it might well be this beach.

Boulder Beach, South Africa

Expect lots of little African penguins, just going about their day, at this now protected beach.  You can swim and use the beach but careful not to scare the penguins and don’t touch them as they are wild. The picturesque beach is scattered with giant boulders.  It’s a lovely day out and the penguins are so adorable to watch!

Varadero Beach, Cuba

Voted Cuba’s best beach, Varadero is a white sanded, blue water dream, where vendors will bring you endless Pina Colada’s. The water is pristine and the beach seems endless so great for sunset walks.  Varadero beach is lined with hotels as its where many holiday makers stay, however when we were there it wasn’t packed, we pretty much had a large patch of  beach to ourselves.

These are just our top ten, we could go on for a while…

If you are thinking about a beach holiday but not sure where is right for you, just ask!  We have a team of worldwide travel experts who can find and book your holiday – at the perfect price – and you don’t have to lift a finger!  Where to next?