10 Things You Cannot Miss On A Holiday To Jamaica!

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Jamaica holiday beach
9 Apr

10 Things You Cannot Miss On A Holiday To Jamaica!

Jamaica is a Caribbean holiday destination that has it all; mouth-watering cuisine, out of this world rum, a vibrant nightlife, picture perfect beaches and more attractions than you will have time for! Adventure lovers will love the natural wonders and hiking, adrenaline junkies will drool over all the thrilling experiences available  and if you just want to chill, you can find many captivating landscapes to watch as you soak up the sun.  Here our top 10 attractions that you absolutely cannot miss!…

Bobsledding Through The Jungle

Video by PeterCaribbeanCruise
Is there anywhere else you can do this?! Hop onboard a Jamaican bobsled at Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios and zoom through the jungle, at speed, downhill, on this exhilarating experience. You will also get incredible views!  Dunn’s River Falls (mentioned below) is also very nearby so you can easily do both in a day.

Luminous Lagoon

Close to Falmouth you can head to Glistening Waters Restaurant and Marina, after dark, to witness the natural phenomenon where the water glows bright blue (due to plankton) at night. Its brightest during a full moon. You can take a boat trip and swim amongst the incredible bioluminescence.

Jamaica holiday beach

7 Mile Beach

Located in Negril, this gorgeous beach goes on for miles in both directions.  Expect perfect white sand and the clearest water – its incredibly instagramable!  Hotels line most of the beach and there is a nude section (just giving you a heads up!)  If Negril is too far for you to go then Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay is also gorgeous.

Sunken Pirate City

Many, many years ago, there was a city called Port Royal which was rumoured to be one of the richest yet wickedest cities in the world (probably because pirates hung out there). In 1692 there was a huge volcanic eruption so most of the city sunk into the sea.  The ruins of the city are about 40 feet deep and you need special permission to dive there but this is easily organised through any licensed and reputable dive operator. Port Royal is located at the mouth of the Kingston harbour and for those that don’t dive but are interested in this exciting piece of history, there are several museums in the area.
Jamaica holiday - waterfall

Blue Hole Waterfall

If you are looking to escape the sun there is no better way to cool down that a swim in an icy cold waterfall in the idle of a lush tropical jungle.  This breath-taking attraction has a bright blue lagoon and is surrounded by nature.  You can jump in from the rocks (about 6 feet high) or use the rope swing.  If you like hiking there is a trail by the side of the river that will take you to Secret Falls which about a 15 minute walk. At Secret Falls you can jump off a 15 foot cliff into the gorgeous clear water below (optional of course!)

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are the highest mountain range in the country and it’s a great place for spectacular mountain views and an escape from the hot sun.  There are many hiking trails with varying skill levels required.  You can climb the highest peak but it is very high (7400 feet) so is likely to take 4-7 hours of fairly challenging hiking – but those views, wowee! Expect to see a wide range of flora and fauna as well as some interesting birdlife.

Fire Water Pond

If you love a natural wonder then a visit to the Fire Pond at the remote Windsor Mineral Spring near Ocho Rios – it’s definitely a unique experience  It’s just a small pool about the size of a large Jacuzzi which has flames coming off the water. Locals will tell you stories of its healing and rejuvenating effects.  You can get into the water but not sure we would advise you to as the natural gasses could be dangerous.  This place is a little out of the way and not for everyone so have a read about it before you decide to go.

Rafting the Martha Brae River

If reading about all this excitement is already making you tired then a relaxing trip on the Martha Brae River is right up your street.  Hop onboard a flat bamboo raft while your guide takes you up this peaceful river lined with blossoming unspoilt greenery.  Enjoy beautiful scenery and leave with a feeling of tranquility.  Guides are generally knowledgeable and give interesting insights and some even sing to you!

Kool Runnings Adventure Park

This adventure park is fun for both adults and children so great for families and with so much to do you can pretty much spend the whole day there if you want. There is a water park with lots of water slides, a wave machine, lazy river and children’s play area.  The adventure park also offers paintballing, go karting, laser tag, kayaking and rafting.  Kool Runnings is located in Negril.

Dunn’s River Falls

This is possibly one of Jamaica’s most popular attractions.  The waterfall is visited by thousands every year and is made up of tiered sections and small lagoons, edged with luscious vegetation.  You can climb the waterfalls, most visitors do, it takes about 1-1.5 hours to climb with short breaks.

Find Out More About Jamaica

Jamaica is our most popular destination –  and we are Jamaica travel experts, so if you need any help deciding where to go, what hotels to choose and how to get the best deal we can help!  Take a look at our latest Jamaica holiday deals, best-selling hotels and get an idea of what areas are best for your holiday style.