25 Oct

Rio Carnival – Welcome to the Biggest Party in the World!

It’s Time to Party!

With over two million people taking to the streets to party every day, the Rio Carnival in Brazil is most definitely the largest Carnival celebration in the world. Everyone thinks of Rio when the word Carnival is mentioned and the week-long event attracts approximately 500,000 visitors from around the globe each and every year, all there to drink, dance and party hard. Even better, Carnival takes place during the hottest time of the year in Brazil so a spot of warm winter sunshine is guaranteed! Carnival has its roots firmly steeped in Catholic tradition, a celebration of pleasure prior to the abstention period of lent, and Rio Carnival is no exception. Festivities last for five wild days, ending on Shrove Tuesday just in time for Ash Wednesday and the beginning of lent.

Samba Samba and more Samba!

Rio Carnival is all about the celebration of Brazilian culture and offers the locals the chance to present the true Brazil and their very own local communities to the rest of the world. The best way to do this is through music – Samba to be precise- probably the most recognisable Brazilian sound in the world. Rio Carnival is Samba, the music is everywhere and each year new Samba songs provide the soundtrack for the world’s biggest party. Samba bands and dancers practise all year round to perfect their art and one of the highlights of the Rio Carnival is the magnificent Rio Samba Parade, taking place at the impressive 70,000-seat Sambódromo stadium. The Rio Samba Parade creates fierce competition between the Rio samba schools and the show they put on is out of this world. You’ll never forget the roar of the crowd and the very first drum beats firing out.

Carnival in Rio kicks off with the crowning of the King Momo, the King of Carnivals across Latin America, who is given a giant silver and gold key by the Mayor of Rio. This is swiftly followed by the crowning of the Carnival Queen, selected for her incredible beauty and Samba dancing skills. Then it’s party time and every neighbourhood in Rio presents their very own street bands. There are currently over 300 and each band has its very own street in which to perform. People take to the streets to dance until the early hours and the whole city becomes one giant party zone.

Probably the best place for tourists to enjoy Carnival is in the Zona Sul, the area of the city closest to the sea. Both Ipanema and Copacabana beaches form a huge stage for Carnival with dancing and music at every corner.


So don your best Carnival costume, knock back the Caipirinhas and get your best Samba moves at the ready – it’s time to party!

They say that everyone should experience Rio Carnival at least once in their lifetime, so what are you waiting for? Rio Carnival 2018 takes place from 9th -13th February 2018, perfect for an extra special February half term.

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