What is it like to travel post-COVID?

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Travelling post covid
7 Oct

What is it like to travel post-COVID?

With most of us not having had a holiday for over 18 months, the government announcement of the abolishment of PCR testing on return to the UK has opened the floodgates for British travellers. With thousands flocking to Europe and beyond to catch some well-deserved fun, sun and change of scenery, just what should we expect from travelling post-COVID?  


Travelling post covid


Every country is different so if you don’t know where to go or you can’t travel to where you want to go, finding the best options can be a minefield, especially with the constant change. Luckily things are becoming more stable.  Generally speaking, presuming you are double jabbed in the UK or have had COVID recently, have a British passport and are travelling to a country that will let in UK nationals and is permitted to travel to by the UK government then it’s likely that the new procedure for travel will be something like this: 


1. Complete a passenger location form before departure 

24-48 Hours before travelling you are likely to need to complete a passenger locator form for the destination you are travelling to. It’s basically a short form with your contact details, hotel and flight information and passport info. This is done online and you usually get a QR code to show at the airport. Pretty simple. 


2. Proof of a negative COVID test before departure 

Now, not everywhere requires this – currently Cyprus, Greece, Tenerife, Switzerland and Norway to name a few, do not require double vaccinated travellers to take any test (double check this before you book as we all know how changeable this data is!)  However, most countries will need you to take a ‘fit to fly’ COVID test – some need a PCR Test and some need a lateral flow.  You can expect to pay between £20 – £100 for this depending on where you get the test done. 


3. Complete a passenger location form before returning to the UK 

The UK also have their own passenger locator form that you need to complete within 48 hours of returning to the UK.  This form is also pretty simple and straightforward. 


4. Lateral flow test after you return to the UK 

Once you are back in the UK you will need to take a lateral flow test (which is paid for by you from one of the recommended sellers on the government website).  These are likely to cost £20 – £100 depending on where you get them done. 


What does this mean for holidaymakers? 

Travelling post-COVID does mean we all need to put in a bit of extra effort, prepare a little more and maybe even change the way we book travel due to its changeable nature – it’s good to know you can call your travel provider when you need to and that they will be there to assist you if you experience any issues.  If you are planning on travel, it’s wise to either book very last minute so you have all the data you need at your fingertips, or to book far in advance. You should check the government travel advice before you book and before you travel to keep up to date as to what the requirements are in the destination you are travelling to.   


Booking holidays post COVID 

Ultimately, travel has changed but we just need to adapt, be more flexible and do that extra bit of research and planning.  If you need assistance planning your next holiday, you can speak to one of our travel experts who can book everything for you and make sure you have flexible tickets.  If anything should happen to prevent you from travelling, or happen while you are away, we have an emergency number so we are always here to assist you, 24 hours a day.

Where To Next?

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