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Virgin Atlantic Flight Classes
29 Aug

Virgin Atlantic – Booking The Best Flight For Your Budget

Virgin Atlantic HolidaysThere’s a lot of different options that you have available when it comes to flying with Virgin Atlantic; from travelling like the superstar that you are with chauffeur driven service thrown in, or if you prefer saving those pennies so you can buy more rum cocktails when you arrive in your destination, Virgin Atlantic have plenty of options.  Here is an outline of what each class includes so you can ensure you book the best seats for your budget…

Economy Fares

Virgin Atlantic actually has three types of economy fares.  All of these economy fares include comfortable seats, meals and in-flight entertainment as well as the chance to buy Wi-Fi for the trip. However, there are a few differences:

Economy Light

Economy light is the best choice for people who are travelling light and happy to cut out the things that they don’t need in order to keep costs as low as possible. You will still get meals and a seat, just like everyone else on the plane but you will only be able to take hand luggage and you will be assigned your seat when you check in.

Economy Classic

Economy Classic includes one piece of checked in baggage (23kg) and gives you the option to select your seat free of charge, at any time. Unlike the cheaper Economy Light fare above, this means you can select a window or aisle seat, sit nearer the front of the plane or with the people you are travelling with, for example. You will be able to use any frequent flyer points you have to upgrade this flight to one of the options below.

Economy Delight

As well as everything you get in the above class you will get extra perks like extra leg room – which makes all the difference if you are flying long-haul.  Other perks include premium check-in and priority boarding so you can forget all the queuing and travel seamlessly, in peace – win!


This is where we move on to the higher classes.  Get welcomed onboard with a glass of bubbly, which is a lovely start to a long journey. These are the smarter looking seats near the front of the plane that have plenty of space – even if the person in front of you reclines their seat. If you have a lot of baggage flying premium with virgin Atlantic is great as you get 2 x 23kg baggage allowance. Whether it is a dedicated check-in service, priority boarding or the complementary pre-flight drink, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Drinks will be served in glassware and meals will be served on plates and you will have a menu of several meals to choose from with wine served alongside the main meal.  You will also get priority boarding, seat selection and your luggage will be one of the first to come out when you arrive.

Upper Class

The upper class is the pinnacle of Virgin Atlantic airline travel offering. A chauffeur driven car will collect you and take you to the airport.  You get access an airport lounge so you can work or relax with a few drinks and enjoy something to eat before you board the flight. Once onboard the plane you’ve got enough space to work comfortably, or you could get some sleep as the flat bed seats are on some of the most comfortable beds in the entire commercial airline industry!  As well as everything that is included in the classes mentioned above, in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class you will be offered the finest food and drink through your journey with luxury table settings. If the flat bed seat isn’t enough for you, you can stretch your legs by walking up to the bar where you can enjoy a few drinks.

Frequent Flyer Privileges

If you haven’t got a frequent flyer membership already it’s well worth it; benefit from free upgrades, complimentary beauty treatments, lounge access, priority boarding and you can even save up for a trip into space on Virgin Galactic!  Don’t forget to give us your frequent flyer number when you book.

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