The Best Holiday Destinations For Solo Travel

2 Jun

The Best Holiday Destinations For Solo Travel

Although we aren’t restricted to any destinations when travelling solo it’s nice to know that you will have plenty of activities you can enjoy by yourself, that you will be safe, that you won’t find communicating with the locals to difficult and that you might even have the chance of meeting other travellers.  Particularly if you are fairly new to solo travel or are female.  With these factors in mind, these are our top holiday recommendations for solo travel for both male and female travellers…


The sky bridge viewing platform on Langkawi island


One thing we love most about Malaysia is the inquisitive, friendly people.  Have fascinating chats with locals, enjoy incredible cuisine and explore this stunning country.  Malaysia has many diverse regions you can visit, our favourites are; Langkawi, which is an island with rainforest, endless white sand beaches, wildlife and fun attractions like walking on a glass bottom sky bridge over the mountains below.  Taman Negara is in the centre of the country and great for nature lovers.  Join a group tour for a few days to hike around this huge national park; you might spot a tiger, tapir or deer!  There are also suspension bridges in the jungle canopy if you are brave enough.  If you love cities Kuala Lumpur has so much to offer including incredible shopping, a theme park inside a shopping centre (Times Square), nature walks and you can visit the Batu Caves where towering  rainbow stairs lead you past a huge golden statue and naughty monkeys into a huge cave.



Colourful magmatic stones inside the dead volcano “Thrihnukagigur” in Iceland


Your days in Iceland will be so action packed you won’t have to worry about what to do with your evenings!  Go in August (you will miss the northern lights, but you won’t be cold) Iceland is one of the few places in the world you can go inside a volcano.  You get lowered inside on a small electric platform, inside is relatively small but the rocks and walls are a myriad of rainbow colours from all the minerals and heat from previous eruptions, its pretty spectacular. Visit the impressive Gullfoss waterfall – you can even walk behind it, hike a glacier, see a geyser erupt and dive in the gap where three tectonic plates meet.  Icelandic people are friendly and have lost of interesting stories about this fascinating country.



Kangaroos on the beach in Australia


You cannot not make friends and meet people in Australia, it’s impossible – they are a chatty bunch!  Whether you are on a tram, in a bar or sitting on spark bench someone will strike up a conversation – and not in a weird way either!  Head to the North East Coast for the Great Barrier Reef, sail around the Whitsunday Islands for a few days, lazing on beaches and snorkelling and kayak around the Everglades in Noosa for great bird life and the great outdoors.  Melbourne and surrounds is also great region to explore as The Great Ocean Road has lovely beaches (with very cold water but good for surfing) and many opportunities to spot cute koalas and kangaroos. Wine lovers will love the Yarra Valley, which has many wineries you can drink your way through – try a sparkling Shiraz, yum!



Maldives holiday deals

Fluorescent plankton in the Maldives


If you are looking for a social holiday this one isn’t for you, but if you want some chill time in a safe destination with enough activities to keep you entertained then a Maldives holiday has some great options.  Swim with whale sharks and stingrays, see wild dolphins, enjoy kayaking, snorkelling and take a night swim in the bright blue glowing waters (due to the natural phenomenon of bioluminescence).   At night enjoy a cocktail with a movie on a big screen on the beach or do a bit of star gazing.



Adventure sports in Slovenia


Adventure junkies will love Slovenia!  From rappelling down waterfalls and hiking through gorges, to underground kayaking and white water rafting – Slovenia has so much action.  Kayak or raft down the electric blue Soca River, take a wine tasting boat trip around the picture-perfect Lake Bled or go on a tour to see bears in the wild!  Slovenia is made up of mountains, lakes, national parks, caves and rivers so the landscape is stunning, and you will certainly get your dose of nature in!  Slovenia is also home to the steepest zip line in the world.  When you are ready to unwind you can head to Portoroz which is a spa town scattered with thermal pools where you can relax after your adrenaline fuelled voyage.



Portugal holiday cruise deals

Vineyards in the Valley of the River Douro, Portugal

Cruise holidays

Traditionally cruise lines have always sold cabins on double occupancy but since the rise of solo travel, many now offer single cabins and have meet ups for the solo travellers on the ship so you can befriend others that are also travelling alone.  Cruise holidays have activities you can choose to participate in throughout the day; from creative pursuits and games to learning experiences and yoga.  In addition, depending on what is available on board the ship, you could also have the option of rock-climbing walls, zip lines and west end style shows in the evening.  Most cruises stop at a new destination each day where you can disembark to explore the local area or join an excursion to see the sights.  Not all cruises are ideal of solo travellers but there are quite a few we can recommend depending on where in the world you want to travel.



Where To Next?

We have so many holiday ideas for solo travellers, these are just our favourite options.  If you are travelling solo and need some advice come and chat with us on Facebook or give us a call and speak to one of our travel experts for advice. We specialise in tailor-made holidays, simply tell us what you are looking for, sit back, relax and let us do all the hard work!