The Cost of getting married in the Caribbean vs the UK

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Weddings abroad - on the beach in the Caribbean
10 Oct

The Cost of getting married in the Caribbean vs the UK

Many brides dream of a Caribbean wedding, with a stunning backdrop and picture-perfect beach – but how much will it cost compared to a wedding in the UK?  We recently spoke to someone who thought it would be much more expensive, where we thought it would be cheaper. We therefore teamed up with our friends at Virgin Atlantic and hired an external company to research the cost of a wedding in 22 countries to see where in the world is the most expensive and where was the cheapest to get married.  Here’s how the cost of a wedding in the Caribbean stacks up the cost of a wedding in the UK…
The Cost of a Wedding - UK vs Caribbean infographic

Something to be aware of about costs

These costs have been compared like for like, so this doesn’t take into consideration the superb wedding package offers we can provide or our discounted rates for the Caribbean so in reality the costs for a Caribbean wedding can actually be significantly lower than this.  Of course you will have to add on the cost of flights (The Caribbean is usually between £400 – £700 per person depending on the island and the time of year) and accommodation, however, the venue, flowers, photographer and decoration is likely to be included as part of this deal.  Take a look at some example wedding packages for the Caribbean so you can get an idea of what the real-life costs might look like.

Where is best to get married?

When it comes to selecting a destination, this comes down to the all important venue, if there are direct flights, costs and the type of wedding (size, amount of guests etc).  Some of our most popular destination weddings are in Jamaica and St Lucia but weddings in Dominican Republic are also a great choice.  Your travel agent will be able to advise on the legalities as some countries are much easier and quicker to get married in.  If you are planning this yourself take a look at the legalities in your preferred destination early on, before you start planning everything.
Planning a wedding is time-consuming, stressful and expensive so its not surprising that so many couples decide to get married abroad as you get a wedding planner free of charge which definitely lightens the load. If you are considering a destination wedding, we are happy to help you find your feet and better understand the ins and outs of getting married abroad. We 45 years experience in Caribbean travel and manage groups of up to 600 so we can make sure your destination wedding goes perfectly.  Contact us to arrange an appointment.

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