Top 10 Caribbean Events You Can’t Miss In 2020

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Waterfalls on holiday in Dominica
15 Jan

Top 10 Caribbean Events You Can’t Miss In 2020

With the Caribbean projected to attract another record-breaking year in tourist arrivals in 2020, some of the best upcoming events are not only going to get better, but also a lot bigger! With that being said, here’s the low-down of some of the hottest Caribbean events, you cannot miss this year; ranging from carnivals and parties to cultural events….

Jamaica Reggae SumFest -July 12-18

Also known as the Holy Grail of Caribbean music, this music festival showcases some of the biggest legendary acts that the Caribbean has to offer. Reggae SumFest (short for summer festival) showcases the best in Jamaican music culture and artists from all over the globe. Reggae SumFest has been running for 28 years this year.  It’s an incredible 6 day party with concerts and dance performances. It offers a unique experience unlike no other.

St. Lucia Food and Rum Festival – January 12- 14

This event was made specially for alcohol or even food lovers. The Caribbean is known for its premium and exquisite rum! Sample a tipple (or five) and eat your way through some delicious local cuisine. This festival is held in the peak travel season so its easily tied in to your Saint Lucia holiday and well worth it!

Waterfalls on holiday in Dominica

Dominica Hike Fest – May 4, 9, 16, 23 and 30

Consecutive Saturdays filled with hiking world-renown trails within Dominica. You’ll be in the company of tour guides that are not only fit, but more than knowledgeable of the area. Each Saturday reveals a new hiking trail so you get more than one chance at getting that perfect outdoor selfie!  Dominica is the perfect adventure holiday destination!

Barbados Crop Over Festival |- May 6–August

If you heard of this festival from Rihanna’s Instagram account, then you’ve heard right! Crop Over is a festival featuring scrumptious Barbadian food, lively music and an abundance of colourful cultural aesthetic. Who knows? You might see Rihanna.  There are many events that take with the main events in August.  With incredible beaches, a vibrant nightlife and rich history, Barbados is a popular holiday destination.

Antgua Sailing Week dancing in costumes

Antigua Sailing Week – April 25- May 1

This is the largest yacht event in the Caribbean. Made specifically for thrill seekers, party people and sea lovers! Even if you don’t care for sports you will still love this!  From comical dinghy racing and tug-o-war competitions to BBQ’s and yacht races. Antigua really comes alive during Sailing Week!

Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival –  January 23- 26

This festival is the Godfather of old school. Soothing jazz music from some of the world’s best jazz musicians, legendary artistes (Diana Ross, Celine Dion, etc) and to top it off, it’s all live! If you want to hold your loved one and sing your way into another decade of marriage, this is the place to start.

Tobago carnival holiday

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival – February 24- 25

Trinidad Carnival is where all the Caribbean carnivals stem from, its referred to as the Mother Carnival.  This isn’t really a tourist event so if you go, you need to ‘play Mas’ which involves a feathered costume.  Dance in sync with a large crowd of other patrons all dressed in elaborate dazzling costumes made of feathers parading through the streets.


St. Kitts and Nevis Mango Festival – July 2- 5

Mango is far more than just a fruit in St. Kitts and Nevis. You’ll reawaken your taste buds to mango infused cuisines from both local and international chefs. Exclusive access to cooking classes and recipes from masterclasses with top rated chefs.

Grenada chocolate Festival

Grenada Chocolate Festival – May 1- 6

If you have a sweet tooth this year, why not surround yourself with some of the finest chocolate that Earth can offer? Dubbed the chocolate adventure of a lifetime, you get to go on tours of chocolate factories and forests where cocoa is grown, learn how to make chocolate, eat chocolate (it’s not as straightforward as you might think!) and most important learn how to pair it with rum and so much more.

St Vincent and the Grenadines Carnival – June 26- July 7

Also known as Vincy Mas, you’ll experience true local music: calypso and soca. Experience some of the exhilarating steel band sounds through a series of competitions, including the King and Queen of the Band. There’s also Mardi Gras parades!

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