14 Incredible Things To Do On A St Lucia Holiday

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St Lucia holiday - beach
22 Jan

14 Incredible Things To Do On A St Lucia Holiday

This beautiful island is rich in rainforests, beaches, nightlife and volcanoes.  If you’re not already sold on St Lucia just by looking at the stunning photos then we’d be very surprised!  With a diverse mix of activities, sights and landscapes, it’s one of our favourite Caribbean islands.  Here are 14 incredible things to see and do in on your St Lucia holiday
St Lucia holiday - beach

Climb the Pitons

The Pitons are the two mountains that make St Lucia so recognisable in photos.  Although its not recommended to climb Petit Piton, climbing Gros Piton is a moderate climb so a healthy person should be able climb up in 2 hours (and then it will also take 2 hours to get down). The views are fantastic so if you like the great outdoors you will love this.

Rediscover your playful side

If you are up for a bit of excitement then head over to the inflatable water park, it is a guaranteed fun day out for both adults and children.  Climb on inflatables on the water, test your balance on the blow up balance beam, scale walls and scream down slides.

Admire Diamond Falls waterfall

This colourful waterfall is located in the Botanical Gardens and it is laced with minerals, sulphur, copper sulphate, magnesium, iron, manganese and calcium, this contributes to the kaleidoscope of colours that make up the rock face behind the falls.  You can’t swim in this waterfall though.

Have a mud bath

Take a trip to St Lucia’s Sulphur Springs and have a dip in a bubbling mud bath.  The volcanic mud is rich in minerals so apparently it makes you look 12 years younger (not sure how that works with children, lol!) and can heal many health concerns. While you are at the Sulphur Springs there are also hot springs you can relax in and a waterfall that you can swim in.

Weekly street parties

Yes, weekly – more than one a week!  Enjoy a good night out with great food, music and dancing at one of several outdoor parties each week. Gros Islet Jump Up Street Party is every Friday, expect the party to get started around 11pm. There will be a BBQ, DJ’s and nearby rum shops open, occasionally there is also entertainment.  Anse La Raye Seafood Friday, which isn’t as lively as Gros Islet, starts around 7.30pm. There will be music, rum, dominoes and lots of seafood.  Dennery Fish Saturday has a good party vibe with fewer tourists and more locals.  If you want something very local and authentic then Canaries Creole Pot (every other Saturday) might be more your thing, people are very friendly and its popular with expats.

Stay at Jade Mountain

Is this not the most captivating view!  A stay at Jade Mountain is on many wish lists but with a clientele of the rich and famous it’s not within many people’s budgets – but, we can all dream and have something to aspire to and one day we might just find an occasion special enough – it’s definitely a reason to get married!   Yes, that is a private pool on the balcony.  (If you book with us we can get you a great deal and you can pay in instalments!)

Visit the drive up volcano

The drive up volcano in St Lucia is very close to the Sulphur Springs so you can do both at the same time.  You will see a lunar looking landscape with steam escaping from cracks, splashes of yellow sulphur and boiling cauldrons of water and mud. These lie on a slope within the crater. You don’t need a guide either.

Zip line across the rainforest

Get your heat racing by flying across the rainforest on a zip line (actually several zip lines!)  Even if you aren’t good with heights its somewhat scary but very exhilarating – and there are great views so well worth a try if you are a first timer.
St Lucia Carnival

St. Lucia Carnival

St Lucia Carnival runs every year between June and July and consists of various events throughout this period.  Expect parties, parades, impressive costumes and fantastic soca and calypso music.

Go snorkelling or diving

The snorkelling and diving in St Lucia is very good, some of the best snorkelling can be found in front of the Anse Chastanet beach where you might be able to see turtles.  There are over 20 snorkelling and dive sites in St Lucia with volcanic pinnacles, shipwrecks and coral reefs with a varied marine life.

Delicious cuisine

Revel in mouth watering cuisine like salt fish and green fig, lots of seafood and dishes like Bouyon which is thick red bean soup made with meat and vegetables.  For drinks the local Piton beer is good and you can’t visit St Lucia without sampling a rum punch!

Get high

Test your bravery on an open cable car through the rainforest (you will and seated so it’s not as scary as it might look!)  Your guide will explain about the flora and fauna and help point out wildlife. Expect panoramic views and you will probably see humming birds too.

Soak up some sounds at St Lucia Jazz Festival

St Lucia Jazz Festival, or Soliel Summer Jazz Festival as it’s also known, brings together thousands of people and the very best artists from all over the world.  Expect free street parties, paying concerts, and educational activities, the St Lucia Jazz Festival is a great event in which to plan your St Lucia holiday around.

Wildlife spotting

You can see animals in their natural environment on a rainforest walk – but you can also see some animals randomly roaming around.  Some animals you are likely to see while on holiday in St Lucia are humming birds, mongoose (they look a bit like brown ferrets), Agouti’s (think cat-sized squirrel) and iguanas.

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