Coronavirus & Travelling Q&A

17 Mar

Coronavirus & Travelling Q&A

We are getting lots of questions and concerns from customers that have booked as well as people that are keen to travel or book holidays for later in the year.  Here are some answers to the most popular questions we are receiving, we hope this helps!…


Can I travel to Jamaica?

Jamaica is not allowing passengers from the UK to land. Unless you live in Jamaica and can prove you are a citizen or you have a Jamaica passport, you will be not be permitted to land from the UK.  Jamaica national’s that do fly will be quarantined. If you are unwell for any reason you should not travel.


I’m travelling soon what should I do?

We will be contacting everyone who is affected, starting with those that are due to travel this week.  Please bear with us and rest assured we will be in touch to talk about your options.  If you are travelling to other destinations in the next few days, as long as there are no restrictions that you can fly to the destination, you can continue to travel as planned.  Take a look at the destinations here to see if there are any restrictions on flying. If you are unwell for any reason you should not travel.


I’m concerned I have paid for a holiday I won’t get

Don’t worry, the airlines, cruise lines and hotels are all very understanding at this time and many are offering free changes to new and existing bookings so we can just move bookings to later in the year.  Speak to one of our travel consultants to see what and where is covered on bookings made via SN Travel or new bookings with us.


When do you think it’s safe to book a holiday?

It’s safe to book now, just be careful who you book with, check the cancellation policy and get travel insurance (check what will be covered as it’s likely insurers are excluding coronavirus now). Travel over the next 30 days probably isn’t a good idea but from October onwards should be ok.


I have a holiday booked for the summer

Mid July is 4 months away and it will hopefully be hot by then (the virus doesn’t like heat – maybe this will help!) This gives us a good amount of time to contain the virus and get life back to normal.  It’s less than 4 months since this all started, just to put things in perspective.


Can I change my flights?

If you already have a booking with us flying on British Airways or Virgin Atlantic, you are able to change your flight free of charge if you change before 31st March on Virgin Atlantic or until 31st May for British Airways.  You can rebook to fly any time before 31st December.  Remember that if you are rebooking from off-peak to peak travel times, the flights will be more expensive so you might have to pay the difference in fare.


If I had to pay to change my flight what would it cost?

Many airlines are offering this for free so you will probably get it for free.  In a usual scenario it depends on the airline and what you have booked but you might expect to pay £100-£150 for a date change on a flight.  If the UK is banned from visiting more countries or the flight ban is extended over a period of time it’s likely the airlines will make allowances for changes if your booking is affected.


I really need a holiday, when will I be able to travel?

Booking something departing in the next 2 months or so might be at risk of getting cancelled.  Many of the huge sporting events and carnivals have been moved to October. With this in mind, experts seem to think October will be fine – it is afterall 7 months away.  We will be promoting deals from October onwards to be on the safe side but hopefully August travel won’t be affected.  If August travel isn’t affected we won’t know for a while – as soon as we know flights are likely to sell like hot cakes so just plan exactly what you want now so when this is over you can get the holiday you want before it sells out.


If I book a holiday what should I be aware of?

No one knows what exactly is going to happen and when as things are being revealed minute by minute, however, there are certain things we can do to make sure we are flexible when travel planning:

  • Speak to one of our travel consultants rather than booking online. We are getting updated every continuously from all the major airlines, cruise lines, hotel chains and other travel companies so we can advise you on what we think is or isn’t going to get cancelled and ensure your booking is protected.
  • We wouldn’t recommend booking any non-refundable accommodation deals until all of this is over.
  • When making a new booking, ask your travel consultant about the costs to reschedule so you know what to expect in a worst case scenario.
  • Get travel insurance and read what is and isn’t covered to make sure you have the level of cover that you need to put your mid at rest.
  • Plan for the best but be prepared for the worst – it’s often our expectations that disappoint us so just try and stay flexible with your expectations.


Is now a good time to book a holiday?

Funnily enough, there are actually some incredible deals – we have even seen holidays to Mauritius for 8 nights from £781 pp in December and some of the cheapest world wide flights we have seen in years.  If you book from October onwards  you should be fine, just check the date change policy before you book and don’t book anything that is non-refundable.  As always you can book with a deposit and pay in instalments over 8 months (longer for cruises).  If you book before 31st May you will benefit from free flight changes departing up until 31st December (on some airlines).



I’m concerned I will be put into quarantine

We advise against all non-essential travel over the next 30 days. Coronavirus is peaking so the next 30 days will be critical in containing the spread and many countries are likely to be clamping down.  Keep an on what’s happening in the destinations you want to visit here.  We are getting updates very few minutes and the situation is changing rapidly.



Please know that we are on top of this and will contact you if for any reason we think your booking will be affected.  Our reservations team are well-informed so if you are thinking about booking have a chat with us to make sure you book something secure.